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Author Unknown


When choosing a family pet, please consider adopting from your local animal'll do your heart good!

"Within the heart of every stray lies the singular desire to be loved"

Fur-Wearing Celebrities

Here are some of the names of celebrities who choose to wear the skins of tortured animals as body decor. If at all possible, please don't support their projects - let's not help them finance their bloody taste in clothing.

Click on the names to see photos.

Jennifer Aniston Pippa Middleton Mischa Barton
Star Jones Nicki Minaj Axl Rose
Justin Bieber Joe Namath Aretha Franklin
Kim Kardashian Amber Rose Trace Adkins
Dakota Johnson 50 Cent Victoria Beckham
Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith Elle McPherson
Kendall Jenner Jennifer Lawrence Lenny Kravitz
Kid Rock Patti LaBelle Kate Bosworth
Sofia Coppola Heidi Klum Jennifer Connelly
Lady Gaga Celine Dion Ziyi Zhang
Dita Von Teese Naomi Campbell Jennifer Lopez
Madonna Maria Sharapova Serena Williams
Mary-Kate Olsen Maggie Gyllenhaal Kanye West
Mary J. Blige Ashley Olsen Elizabeth Hurley
Kate Moss Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore
Kate Hudson Ellen Barkin Jessica Simpson
Eva Longoria Lindsay Lohan Beyonce
Britney Spears Sylvester Stallone Nicole Richie
Victoria Gotti Sharon Stone Tara Reid
Anna Wintour Susan Sarandon Cate Blanchett
Aretha Franklin Goldie Hawn Rihanna
Katie Price Kelly Rowland Viveca Fox
Kelis Jerry Hall Sarah Michelle Gellar
Rachel Zoe Pixie Lott Alicia Keys
Paula Patton Padma Lakshmi Gina Gershon
Ann-Margret Kate Beckinsale Cindy Crawford
Sienna Miller Snoop Dogg Courtney Love
Tilda Swinton Sarah Jessica Parker Catherine Zeta-Jones
Paris Hilton Emma Watson John Mayer
Claire Danes Claudia Schiffer  

Now here's a picture of, the always lovely, Angelina Jolie in costume for a scene from her movie, "Salt." While she is wearing what looks to be fur, it is actually synthetic and realistic enough. So it is possible for any one of these celebrities to buy fake fur that looks real if they feel they MUST be seen in fur.  They do have a choice...they don't HAVE to wear tortured animals.

Angelina Jolie wearing a fake fur costume for the movie "Salt"



Dita Von Teese - I've heard she said she needed the furs for her burlesque act - I guess the people in the audience won't go for faux fur.

Catherine Zeta-Jones - This picture seems to sum up Zeta-Jones perfectly - greed and self-indulgence. What an extremely repulsive woman.

Susan Sarandon - Cruel, big-mouthed hag with no compassion for animals

Disgusting Susan Sarandon wearing a fur coat

Aretha Franklin - I wonder just how many creatures had to die for this monstrosity?

Jennifer Aniston - The one that won't go away. Says she loves animals and wears their fur to show you just how much.

Justin Bieber - He does just about everything wrong...I guess his wardrobe would be no different.

Demi Moore - this woman just has bad taste, everything.

Eva Longoria - This fur bitch brags about the animals she's killed & skinned, too.

Gina Gershon - This hag owns many hideous pieces of animal skins

Gina Gershon cruelly wearing fur

Jerry Hall - a former model who wears repulsive fur...cliché much?

Goldie Hawn - This fur hag seems to have spread her love of wearing dead animal fur on to her hag daughter.

Joe Namath - Say it ain't so! You're a Super Bowl winning don't need to be a little fur bitch.

Kate Hudson - Fur mother, like daughter. Unfortunately, the two own quite a few nasty coats.

Jessica Simpson - Not a bit surprised this vapid woman wears furs. Eyes as empty as her soul.

Katie Price - Don't know who this obnoxious fur-wearing bitch is but her taste in clothing is repugnant.

Kelly Rowland - Perhaps she wants to be noticed...wearing skinned animals doesn't do it.

Maggie Gyllenhaal - Her career is in the toilet along with her fashion choices. Karma?

One of the Olsen twins - Don't know which one but it doesn't matter. They're both fur hags.

Sarah Michelle Geller - She definitely doesn't have the same compassion as her alter ego. Snake.

Viveca Fox - Perhaps she thinks she's relevant by wearing something expensive and barbaric.  Didn't work.

Sharon Stone - She'd go to the opening of an envelope to show her dead animal skins.

Kid Rock - This little bitch loves to brag about his fur collection. Ugh!

Heidi Klum - Always smiling...always the fur hag. Couldn't care less how defenseless animals were killed for this hideous vest.

Lindsay Lohan - Her career is on the skids but she can still scrounge up enough money to buy skinned animals

Kanye West - Just disgustingly ugly inside and out. He fits right in with that family he married into.

Kim K - There's nothing this family won't do including wearing as much cruel fashion as they can.

Kate Moss - Cocaine Kate doesn't care how she treats herself, let alone a powerless animal.

Pippa Middleton - The face of an angel and the heart of a fur bitch. She should set a better example.

Mischa Barton - Doesn't work much but she wants to show you she still has the money for some revolting furs.

Naomi Campbell - This fur hag has been photographed in an enormous amount of fur coats. Ugly inside and out.

Nicki Minaj - No surprise at all that this hag would wear fur and makes sure the world knows it.

Paula Patton - Has horrible tastes in men and coats. She could do so much better in both areas.

Star Jones - This woman is just the epitome of what women don't want to become. I doubt she could be more grotesque.

Cindy Crawford - Crawford loves modeling furs - she started young and is probably still at it. Another vile fur bitch.

Madonna - No surprise here. A woman who seems to care about nothing but herself and she doesn't care about animal cruelty either.

Jennifer Lopez - This gluttonous bitch wears and uses fur in her clothing line. Countless cruel deaths for grisly people.


50 Cent - After living a life of greed and selfishness, he had to file bankruptcy so he didn't have to pay his bills. Nice...

Amber Rose - She dated Kanye West, that tells you all you need to know about this vile fur-wearing hag.

Dakota Johnson - This vapid woman has one hit movie and then makes sure she gets papped wearing her repulsive furs and designer bags. So much depth...

Ann-Margret - She made some horrendously poor project decisions in her career. Apparently, her dreadful decision-making extends to her wardrobe.

Drake - Maybe this little bitch wants to keep up with the fur hags he dates. Or maybe he should date a real woman for a change.

Anna Wintour - This hag has spent her adult life wearing and promoting furs. A thoroughly repulsive person.

Beyonce - Another vapid diva who could do so much good in this world. Instead she wears furs of countless tortured animals. Unfortunately, she'll probably teach her children the same. Vile...

Britney Spears - You'd probably almost expect this from Spears. An idiot celebrity who forgets to wear underwear and shaves her head in a moment of rage. Still, even she should know better.

Ellen Barkin - This dirtbag wears furs all the time - even to crouch on a dirty city street to talk on phone.

Debra Messing - Strolling down the street with her coffee and ghastly fur coat. Takes some work to be this tacky.

Elle McPherson - Superficial model wearing hideous animal skins. Another cliché...

Kate Beckinsale - This insufferable woman and her insufferable taste in clothing

Jennifer Connelly - Talented and beautiful. Too bad she couldn't care less what the animal, whose fur she's wearing, was beaten and tortured.

Ashton Kutcher - I always think of Kutcher as the male Jennifer Aniston. He can't act, he's boring and he won't go the hell away. And they both fur bitches.

Sienna Miller - An actress with some tabloid press. That's all I know about this hag except she really likes to wear fur.

Kendall Jenner - I always thought of Kendall as the "different one." Unfortunately, I was completely wrong.

Elizabeth Hurley - The only thing I know about Hurley is Hugh Grant cheated on her with a prostitute. That and she has a barbaric sense of fashion.

Lana Del Rey - The voice of an angel but it only goes to show that you can't look at one side of a person. Her soul is as ugly as a soul can be.

Mary J. Blige - Another greedy, gluttonous singer who wants to be seen in her hideous skins. Let's hope karma comes around someday.

Rihanna - Someone who could rival Mariah Carey in the Diva department.  What's with singers and their penchant for wearing the fur of tortured animals? It's repulsive...

Mariah Carey - This diva will do anything for attention. No surprise to see her wearing furs. She's a hag with or without them.

Pixie Lott - Another lame celebrity hag. I don't know what she does other than wear fur and stand around.

Sarah Jessica Parker - I used to love SJP but after reading about her love of furs, I find her disgustingly shallow and devoid of compassion.

Lady Gaga - She says she's a vegan but wears furs because she finds them artistic. WTH does that mean? I guess only another fur hag would understand.

Sofia Coppola - She won an Oscar but wouldn't win any awards for her heartless sense of fashion.

Kate Bosworth - Haven't seen Kate in a long time. How lucky that we get to see her posing in her bloody awful animal skin.

Sarah Palin - This woman couldn't be more vile and repulsive if she tried. A complete waste of oxygen.

Victoria Beckham - Another soulless, gluttonous celebrity. She's taken "Posh" to a new low.

Cate Blanchett - Absolutely loved Cate until...this. It's always hard to find out a person you admired is no better than that loathsome Sarah Palin.

Celine Dion - I just can't stomach this woman. Her chest-pounding performances are nauseating and seeing her wrapped in dead animals is just too much.

Tara Reid - How does this insipid waste of breath afford to buy furs. Does she even work? I only see her when she's drunk or being papped wearing her crappy coats.

Maria Sharapova - In Russia, it's quite acceptable to brutally kill defenseless animals for the sake of fashion. I guess Sharapova is down with that.

Alicia Keys - Talented musician and songwriter and fur bitch. Apparently, loves to flaunt her heartless taste in fashion.

Tilda Swinton - A tremendously gifted actress, but it doesn't help her be more than a heartless crone who wears fur.

Sylvester Stallone - Good grief, he looks ridiculous. It's hard to look like a badass wearing a coat of brutally tortured animals.


Trace Adkins - This clothing choices are as black as his heart. Absolutely no respect for this man.

Serena Williams - Our tennis champion is not a champion for voiceless animals. What a shame...

Ziyi Zhang - Petite and pretty and doesn't give a sh*t that she's wearing a poor, tortured animal around her shoulders.

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith - Two hags for the price of one. No doubt they have passed their revolting tastes on to their children.

Nicole Richie - She must have spent too many of her younger years hanging out with Paris Hilton. She picked up her barbaric sense of fashion.

Emma Watson - Oh, Emma! What happened to you? For someone who supports important causes, how can you wear tortured animal skins? Please be a voice for defenseless animals...

Jennifer Lawrence - This one really bothered me. Not only does she wear furs, she likes to brag about her skills with killing and skinning animals. Apparently, squirrels are her favorite target.

Lenny Kravitz - Don't be a little bitch, Lenny.  Be a real man, use your voice to help defenseless animals, not wear them...

Patti LaBelle - What a hideous, gluttonous fur bitch - animal pelts down to her feet. Could she be more monstrous?

Kelis - Is this really anybody other than a fur bitch? I have no idea who this is - she was suggested by a reader who finds her to be an obnoxious, loathsome hag.

Rachel Zoe - This is a vile hag, inside and out. She loves to be photographed wearing skins and advices her clients to do the same. No originality.

Victoria Gotti - It's hard to consider her a celebrity for being a mobster's daughter. But, she's a fur hag so we'll leave her.

Padma Lakshmi - This fur bitch always seems to wear furs, regardless of the occasion. A dreadful woman.

Axl Rose - Ugly from head to toe, inside and out and not much of a man.

Snoop Dogg - Another stupid-looking guy in a hideous outfit. Do something original...

Claire Danes - Good actress but doesn't make the best decisions in life. Her choice to be a fur hag is one of them.

John Mayer - This guy is such a d-bag, there's no surprise that he would be a little fur bitch, too. He's just revolting.


Claudia Schiffer - Another former model wearing animals skins. What is it with them, do they make a deal with the devil or something?


Paris Hilton - She's about a worthless a human being as one can encounter. Wearing dead animals and using small dogs as accessories.

Courtney Love - She looks almost as dead as the atrocious animal skins she's wearing.


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