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He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.  

Author Unknown


When choosing a family pet, please consider adopting from your local animal'll do your heart good!

"Within the heart of every stray lies the singular desire to be loved"

~ Celebrities Who Love Animals ~


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While some celebrities are sun tanning in Malibu or peddling bottled water in their spare time, there are some very special ones who choose to do something more meaningful.  They could be doing absolutely anything they want but, thankfully, they choose to help animals.  Please make a special effort to support these good-hearted celebrities in their professional ventures - it WILL help animals in the end.

Here are just a few of the celebrities who have given generously and/or worked tirelessly to promote the compassionate and humane treatment of all animals. Their support has helped to increase awareness, educate countless individuals and raise millions of dollars for non-profit animal welfare organizations worldwide.


Paul McCartney   Brigitte Bardot Bob Barker
Pamela Anderson Katherine Heigl Betty White
Ali MacGraw Kristen Bell Angelina Jolie
Rachel Bilson Julie Christie Linda Blair
Doris Day Stella McCartney Brad Pitt  
David Duchovny James Cromwell Earl Holliman
Sarah McLachlan Pink Cloris Leachman
Mickey Rourke Ryan Reynolds Daryl Hannah
Stefanie Powers Isabella Rossellini Bernadette Peters
JoAnne Worley Cesar Millan Kim Basinger
Heather Mills Noah Wylie Kelly Clarkson
Ellen DeGeneres Anne Hathaway Andrew Garfield
Pierce Brosnan Edie Falco Moby
Charlize Theron Chrissie Hynde Shirley Jones
Casey Affleck Dan Ackroyd Rene Russo
Hilary Swank Persia White Jennie Garth
David Crosby Bebe Neuwirth Teri Austin
Laura Dern Wolfgang Petersen Lamon Brewster
Tippi Hedren Linda Hunt Ed Asner
Loretta Swit Alec Baldwin Elayne Boosler
Tom Scholz Daryl Hannah Sara Gilbert
Ed Begley, Jr. Hulk Hogan Anjelica Huston
Mike Farrell Shari Belafonte Dave Matthews
Anne Heche Whoopi Goldberg Kevin Nealon
Bradley Cooper Cathy Guisewite Montel Williams
Bill Maher Kevin James Maura Tierney
Victoria Principal Diane Keaton Jerry Stiller
Alicia Silverstone Alexandra Paul Eva Mendes
Ally Sheedy Sandra Bullock Martha Stewart
Kara DioGuardi Tim Gunn "Sugar" Shane Mosely
Hayden Panettiere Simon Cowell Martin Sheen
Eli Roth Holly Madison Christina Applegate
Tony Gonzalez Kelly Cuoco Steve-O
Woody Harrelson Ron Artest Carre Otis
Christy Turlington Jason Taylor David Cross
Kathy Najimy Brian May of Queen Sadie Frost
Sheryl Lee Traci Bingham Joanna Krupa
Roselyn Sanchez Dennis Rodman Maggie Q
Karina Smirnoff Charlotte Ross Olivia Munn
Dave Navarro Sophie Monk Kesha
Jackie Chan Leona Lewis    


Remembering our Animal Champions

Unfortunately, we've lost so many dedicated animal advocates and they are simply irreplaceable. But their legacies live on in all the human and animal lives they've touched through their kindness and generosity. They were selfless, compassionate individuals who loved and cared enough to help those who cannot help themselves. Thank you, we will never forget...


Bea Arthur Linda McCartney Robert Culp
Mary Tyler Moore Dixie Carter Rue McClanahan
William Holden Richard Basehart Casey Kasem
Prince Robin Williams Dian Fossey
George Adamson Joy Adamson Mickey Rooney
Lucille Ball Audrey Hepburn Helen Hayes


Note:  I've received quite a few emails from readers complaining that celebrities are only becoming activists for publicity and we should not give them any recognition for it. While I admit there may be some who do, but I honestly don't think we should care why they do it. 


If they protest animal cruelty because they get off seeing their names in the papers, why should we care? The end result is the same - it may raise awareness or badly needed funds for programs.  If seeing Pamela Anderson protesting the horrible treatment of chickens by KFC farms will educate some teenager, then I hope they print her name in every paper in the USA.  I hope it nets her a hundred well-paying jobs. At least it's publicity for something more important than moronic celebrities driving drunk, doing drugs, getting divorced, who they're dating or shaving off their hair in public.  


That being said, I do want to say that I believe Pamela Anderson to be VERY serious about her work with animals and I am merely using her name as an example. I remember one simple-minded, over-exposed celebrity who publicly said "Charity is not my thing".... I would much rather write about Pamela Anderson or any one of the celebrities mentioned above.

Now let's go over to the dark side for a moment......

The Ghoulish Celebrities Who Wear Fur

Here are some of the names of celebrities who choose to wear the skins of tortured animals as body decor. If at all possible, please don't support their projects - let's not help them finance their bloody taste in clothing.

Star Jones Mandy Moore Axel Rose
Justin Bieber Joe Namath Aretha Franklin
Kim Kardashian Amber Rose Trace Adkins
Dakota Johnson 50 Cent Victoria Beckham
Will Smith Lenny Kravitz Elle McPherson
Pete Burns Emma Bunton Timbaland
Kid Rock Patti LaBelle Kate Bosworth
Sofia Coppola Heidi Klum Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Hudson Celine Dion Ziyi Zhang
Dita Von Tease Naomi Campbell Jennifer Lopez
Adriana Lima Maria Sharapova Serena Williams
Madonna Maggie Gyllenhaal Kanye West
Mary-Kate Olsen Ashley Olsen Elizabeth Hurley
Mary J. Blige Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore
Kate Moss Lindsay Lohan Jessica Simpson
Kate Hudson Eve Beyonce
Eva Longoria Sharon Stone Nicole Richie
Britney Spears Kimberly Stewart Tara Reid
Victoria Gotti Susan Sarandon Cate Blanchett
Jamie Foxx Goldie Hawn Rihanna
Aretha Franklin Kelly Rowland Viveca Fox
Katie Price Jerry Hall Sarah Michelle Gellar
Kelis Pixie Lott Alicia Keys
Rachel Zoe Padma Lakshmi  

Now here's a picture of, the always lovely, Angelina Jolie in costume for a scene from her movie, "Salt". While she is wearing what looks to be fur, it is actually synthetic and realistic enough. So it is possible for any one of these celebrities to buy fake fur that looks real if they feel they MUST be seen in fur.  They do have a choice...they don't HAVE to wear tortured animals.

Angelina Jolie wearing a fake fur costume for the movie "Salt"


Anna Wintour - Fur Is Worn By Beautiful Animals & Ugly People by PETA Europe.

Here are a few comments from our readers on the celebrity fur issue:

  • Jamie, Oregon: "I am quite shocked you listed Kate Hudson as a fur wearer. She seems to be such a  free-spirit and happy-go-lucky hippie chick, I would have thought it would make her sick to wear fur. No more of her rom-coms for me!"

  • B.W. San Diego, CA - "You listed three celebrities associated with Kabbalah. Madonna, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.  Makes me wonder if there's a connection."

  • BBPow - "Sharon Stone is well known for her charity work. It is too bad it does not extend to animals."

  • Saracita B., NYNY - "I never liked that phony Beyonce and wasn't the least bit surprised to see her name on your list." 

  • GBW - "Here's one more reason to hate Ashton Kutcher.  Isn't his 15 minutes up yet?"

  • Juanita J., Albuquerque - "I used to wear fur until I saw a terrible video online of how they kill the animals. I wish I could send them a copy."

This particular article seemed to touch a lot of readers. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write.

Bea Arthur Still Fighting McDonald's Cruelty

How can you not love Bea Arthur?  During her life, she was a staunch supporter of animal rights and she's still fighting cruelty after her death.  Here is PETA's new campaign poster aimed at McDonald's cruel slaughter methods. Please note that Ms. Arthur's image was used with her approval and that of her family. She left money to PETA in her will to pressure McDonald's to switch to a less-violent, USDA-approved chicken slaughter method.  PETA says it would spare birds of broken legs and being scalded to death in de-feathering tanks.  McDonald's CEO, Jim Skinner, refuses to make the switch even though the less-cruel method is supported by McDonald's own animal welfare advisors.  Read more at

Bea Arthur Still Helping PETA Fight McDonald's Cruelty

An honorary PETA director and the winner of multiple PETA Humanitarian Awards, Bea Arthur joined PETA in 1987, when the Golden Girls did an anti-fur episode and Arthur, Rue McClanahan and Betty White filmed a PETA anti-fur PSA on the set of the show.

A tireless advocate for animals, Bea campaigned against the force-feeding of ducks in the foie gras trade, traveling to London with PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk, where she called on Harrod's to stop selling the cruelly made pâté. She was particularly upset about fur and used to place ads in playbills calling for theater patrons to have a change of heart and donate their furs to PETA. Bea also called for a boycott of KFC until it improves the way it raises and kills its chickens, campaigned against animal experimentation, spoke out about the abuse of animals on factory farms and was a vocal opponent of the use of exotic animals in circuses. She also helped launch and was a member of PETA’s Augustus Club, which helps members remember PETA in their estate plans and wills.

For more information visit PETA

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