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Author Unknown


When choosing a family pet, please consider adopting from your local animal shelter...it'll do your heart good!

"Within the heart of every stray lies the singular desire to be loved"

~ Companies that DON'T Test on Animals ~


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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of companies are on the 'Don't Test' list?

The list only includes companies that make cosmetics and personal-care and household-cleaning products. PETA's Caring Consumer Project was founded because no law requires that these types of products be tested on animals, so manufacturers of these products have no excuse for using animal testing. Companies that aren't on this list should be boycotted until they implement a policy that prohibits animals testing.

How does a company get on the list?

Companies listed either signed PETA's statement of assurance or provided a statement verifying that they do not conduct or commission any animal tests on ingredients, formulations, or finished products and that they pledge not to do so in the future.

How do I know that these companies really don't test on animals?

To a degree, the statement of assurance is a matter of trust. However, companies are putting their integrity on the line when they respond to consumers. A company that has publicly announced an end to its animal tests and states in writing that it doesn't test on animals would face a public relations disaster (and potential lawsuits) if it were caught testing on animals. Companies are well aware that consumers are serious about the issue of animal testing, and they know that it would ruin the public's confidence in their products if consumers discovered that companies were being dishonest about their animal-testing policies.

What about a product whose label says, 'No Animal Testing,' but whose manufacturing company is not on PETA's 'Don't Test' list?

Labels can be deceiving, so be careful. No specific laws exist regarding cruelty-free labeling of products, so companies can take liberties. While it is unlikely that a company would put blatantly false information about its animal-testing practices on its products, the statements that it does make might not be fully informative and might indeed mislead consumers. For example, the label on Clairol's Herbal Essence shampoo states that it is not tested on animals; Clairol, however, does test other products on animals. Many animal-testing companies have some cruelty-free products, but we must boycott all the companies' products in order to pressure them into stopping all animal tests. If the label on a company's product says that it is not tested on animals and the company isn't on either of PETA's lists, please share the company's contact information with PETA so that we can formally inquire about the company's animal-testing policy. Likewise, if you communicate with a company that claims to be cruelty-free but is not on our list, please ask for a statement in writing and send a copy of the statement to PETA. We will communicate with the company to see if it meets all our cruelty-free criteria. Meanwhile, PETA recommends purchasing products made only by companies on our "Don't Test" list.

Why do some companies' product labels say, 'No Animal Ingredients,' when, in fact, they contain beeswax, lanolin, whey, etc.?

Some companies are not educated about or sensitive to the suffering of animals in the production of certain products that do not involve the actual slaughter of animals. PETA attempts to educate these companies, but some have persisted in inaccurately labeling their products as free of animal ingredients even though it is a fact that honey, lanolin, etc., are animal products. Our advice is always to read the entire label before believing such a statement, and we encourage you to voice your complaints to these companies as well. For our list of "Animal Ingredients and Their Alternatives," please visit CaringConsumer.com.

How often are PETA's product lists updated?

PETA's "Do Test" and "Don't Test" factsheets are updated approximately every month to reflect additions (e.g., if we are informed of a new company's policy prohibiting animal testing), deletions (e.g., if a company that doesn't test on animals is purchased by an animal-testing company or if a company goes out of business), changes in contact information, etc. These factsheets are based on the most current information available at the time of printing. Companies might have changed their animal-testing policies after this was printed.

PETA reserves the right to choose which companies will be included, based on companies' policies. Inclusion on any list is not an endorsement by PETA of a company or any of its products. Please contact PETA if you have any questions about the status of listed companies or if you know the address of a company that is not listed.

The following companies manufacture products that ARE NOT tested on animals. Those marked with an asterisk (*) manufacture strictly vegan products—made without animal ingredients, such as milk and egg byproducts, slaughterhouse byproducts, lanolin from sheep, honey, or beeswax (for a list of animal ingredients and their alternatives, please contact PETA or visit CaringConsumer.com). Companies without an asterisk might offer some vegan products. Some of the company names are followed by the name of their parent or subsidiary companies or by examples of products manufactured by that company.


* The company makes or sells strictly vegan products.

e The company's products can be purchased through the online PETA Mall at PETAMall.com, and PETA will receive 5 to 10 percent of every purchase at no additional cost to you.

*ABBA Pure & Natural Hair Care, www.pureabba.com

Abercrombie & Fitch, 1-888-856-4480; www.abercrombie.com

Abra Therapeutics, 1-800-745-0761; www.abratherapeutics.com

Absolute Miracle, 1-888-273-1010; www.absolutemiraclecream.com

*Acquarella Polish, 1-888-679-1798; www.acquarellapolish.com

*Advanage Wonder Cleaner, 1-800-323-6444; www.wondercleaner.com

Advanced Botanical Research, 480-367-9429; www.advancedbotanicalresearch.com

Affordable Mineral Makeup, www.affordablemineralmakeup.com

Afrumos, 503-715-3127; www.afrumos.com

Afterglow Cosmetics, 1-866-630-4569; www.afterglowcosmetics.com

*After Inked, 1-888-881-7477; www.afterinked.com

Agape by DK, www.agapebydk.com

Ageless Fantasy, www.agelessfantasy.com

AG Hair Cosmetics, 1-866-924-4247; www.aghaircosmetics.com

Ainterol Natural Products, www.ainterol.us

Alba Botanica, 1-800-227-5120; www.albabotanica.com

Alchemilla Ultra Pure Skin Care, 1-888-268-6861; www.myalchemilla.com

Alexandra Avery Purely Natural, 1-800-669-1863; www.alexandraavery.com

Alima Cosmetics, Inc., 503-236-8887; www.alimacosmetics.com

*Allens Naturally, 1-800-352-8971; www.allensnaturally.com

All-Nutrient (Chuckles, Inc.), 1-800-221-3496; www.all-nutrient.com

All Terrain, www.allterrainco.com

Ally's AromaRemedies, 773-860-6933; www.allyar.com

Almay, 1-800-992-5629; www.almay.com

Aloette Cosmetics, 1-800-ALOETTE; www.aloette.com

Aloe Up, 1-800-950-2563; www.aloeup.com

Aloe Vera of America, 1-888-440-2563; www.foreverliving.com

Alvin Connor, +44 (0) 151 448 0368; www.alvinconnor.com

Amazing Cosmetics, Inc., 847-680-5247; www.amazingcosmetics.com

*Amazon Premium Products, www.amazonpp.com

American Beauty, 1-866-352-8337; www.americanbeautycosmetics.com

American Formulating & Manufacturing, 619-239-0321; www.afmsafecoat.com

American International, 213-728-2999; www.aiibeauty.com

American Safety Razor (Personna, Flicker, Bump Fighter), 973-753-3000; www.asrco.com

*America's Finest Products Corp., 1-800-482-6555

Anastasia Beverly Hills, 310-474-4300; www.anastasia.net

Ancient Formulas, 1-800-543-3026; www.ancientformulas.com

Andrea International Industries, 213-728-2999; www.aiibeauty.com

*Anise Cosmetics, 305-937-1202; www.anisecosmetics.com

Anna Marie's Aromatherapy & Massage, 724-282-6469; www.annieallan.biz

Apala Hair, 773-251-4504; www.apalahair.com

A Perfume Organic, www.aperfumeorganic.com

*Apothecary Blend, 1-800-306-2107; www.apothecaryblend.com

The Apothecary Shoppe, 1-800-487-8839; www.herbed.com

Aqua Dessa, 510-814-9030; www.aquadessa.com

Aramis, 212-572-3700; www.elcompanies.com

eArbonne International, 1-800-ARBONNE; www.arbonne.com

Ardell International, 213-728-2999; www.aiibeauty.com

Arganat Inc., 514-941-6955; www.arganat.net

*Aroma Bella, 1-800-760-7779; www.aromabella.com

eAroma Crystal Therapy, 1-877-537-9211; www.aromacrystal.com

Aromaland, 1-800-933-5267; www.buyaromatherapy.com

Aromaleigh, Inc., 843-681-4716; www.aromaleigh.com

*Aromatherapy by Whole Spectrum, 1-800-822-9698; www.wholespectrum.biz

Aroma Vera, 1-800-669-9514; www.aromavera.com

Ashi Therapy, 828-898-5555; www.ashiaromatics.com

*Astonish Industries, Inc., 1-800-530-5385

At Last Naturals, 1-800-527-8123; www.atlastnaturals.com

Attitude Eco-Friendly Certified Cleaning Products, 514-509-7225; www.cleanattitude.com

Aubrey Organics, Inc., 1-800-AUBREYH; www.aubrey-organics.com

Augisa & Co., 1-877-284-4728; www.augisa.com

*Aunt Ann's Garden Soap, 317-418-3286; www.auntannsgardensoap.com

Aunt Bee's Skin Care, 505-737-0522

Aura Cacia, 1-800-437-3301; www.auracacia.com

Auromère Ayurvedic Imports, 1-800-735-4691; www.auromere.com

*Aurora's Closet, www.aurorascloset.net

*Austin Rose, 1-800-292-6339; www.austinrose.com

The Australasian College of Health Sciences, 1-800-487-8839; www.herbed.com

Autumn Harp, 802-453-4807; www.autumnharp.com

Avalon Organics, 1-800-227-5120; www.avalonorganics.com

Avasiare Professional Skin Care & Cosmetics, 1- 866-616-4AVA; www.avasiare.com

Aveda Corporation, 1-800-328-0849; www.aveda.com

*Avigal Henna, 1-800-722-1011

Avon Products, Inc., 1-800-367-2866; www.avon.com

*Awakening Skin Care, 1-800-200-6546; www.awakeningskincare.com

A Wild Soap Bar, 512-272-4058; www.awildsoapbar.com

*Ayurherbal Corporation, 414-889-8569

*Ayurveda Holistic Center, 516-628-8200; www.ayurvedahc.com

Baby Bear Shop, 615-243-7099; www.babybearshop.com

Baby Bliss, 1-877-457-4955; www.babysbliss.com

Baby Girl Products, www.babygirlproducts.com

Baby Magic, 1-800-452-6337; www.ascendiabrands.com

Bamboo Aesthetics, Inc., 1-877-882-2626; www.bambooaesthetics.com

Bamboo Aromas™, 1-877-882-2626; www.bambooaesthetics.com

Bamboo Elements™, 1-877-882-2626; www.bambooaesthetics.com

Bamboo Minerals™, 1-877-882-2626; www.bambooaesthetics.com

Bamboo Zen™, 1-877-882-2626; www.bambooaesthetics.com

Bare Escentuals, 1-800-227-3990; www.bareescentuals.com

bareFaced Mineral Cosmetics, 941-416-0510; www.barefacedminerals.com

Bare Organics, Inc., 1-877-683-6129; www.bareorganics.ca

Bath & Body Works, 1-800-395-1001; www.bathandbodyworks.com

Bath by Bettijo, 877-528-1584; www.bathbybettijo.com

Bath Island, 973-556-5475; www.bathisland.com

Bath Petals, Inc., 1-888-228-4738; www.bathpetals.com

Baudelaire, 1-800-327-2324; www.baudelairesoaps.com

Bayse Natural Care, +613-9503-0399; www.bayse.com.au

*Bazil Essentials, 805-748-5372; www.bazilessentials.com

BeautiControl, 972-458-0601; www.beauticontrol.com

Beautiful Earth Aromatherapy, 27+(0)21 7863731; www.beautiful-earth.co.za

Beauty Bliss Cosmetics, www.beautyblisscosmetics.com

Beauty Naturally, 1-800-432-4323; www.beautynaturally.com

Beauty Plus, 626-303-8886; www.beautyplusinc.com

*Beauty Without Cruelty, 1-888-674-2344; www.beautywithoutcruelty.com

*Begley's Best, 818-333-3685; www.begleysbest.com

Belisama Bodyworks, 518-248-0090; www.belisamabodyworks.com

Bella Luccè, 1-800-485-3079; www.bellalucce.com

*Bella Mira Essential Oils, 918-640-2973; www.abundantlifeessentials.com

*belle & bianca, 781-690-3307; www.belleandbianca.com

Belle's Botanicals, 530-345-9898; www.belles-botanicals.com

Belli Cosmetics, 425-313-5878; www.bellicosmetics.com

*Be Natural Organics, 1-877-824-6228; www.benaturalorganics.com

Berol, 1-800-438-3703; www.sanfordcorp.com

Best Bath, 1-888-366-2284; www.bestbathstore.com

Bethel Botanicals, 617-964-1806; www.bethelbotanicals.com

Better Botanicals, 1-888-BB-HERBS; www.betterbotanicals.com

Beverly Hills Cold Wax, 1-800-833-0889

Biggs & Featherbelle, 443-928-4724; www.biggsandfeather.com

*Big Moon Mountain, 224-623-1025; www.bigmoonmountain.com

Biker Body Works, 1-888-450-2459; www.bikerbodyworks.com

Billy Jealousy, 214-745-5500; www.billyjealousy.com

Binda Baby Essentials, www.bindababyessentials.com

Bio Creative Labs, 562-988-9490; www.biocreativelabs.com

*BioFilm, 1-800-848-5900; www.biofilm.com

*Biogime International, 832-813-7201; www.simplybiogime.com

*eBioKleen, 1-800-477-0188; www.bi-o-kleen.com

Biokosma (Caswell-Massey), 1-800-326-0500; www.caswell-massey.com

*Biologika, 1-800-657-6144; www.biologikaorganic.com

*Bio Pac, 1-800-225-2855; www.bio-pac.com

Biotone, 619-582-0027; www.biotone.com

Blackers, 1-877-246-9450; www.blackers.ca

Black Radiance, 909-595-8898; www.blackradiancebeauty.com

Black Tai Salt Co., 201-546-0933; www.blacktaisaltco.com

Blooming Lotus, 1-866-444-4735

Blue Ridge Gypsy, 1-888-450-2459; www.blueridgegypsy.com

Blume, 503-946-8872; www.blumefusions.com

B Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful, 01202 493 789; www.bnevertoobusytobebeautiful.com

Bobbi Brown, 212-572-4200; www.bobbibrown.com

The Body Bakery, 1-88-239-2579; www.thebodybakery.com

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Bodyography, 1-800-642-2639; www.bodyography.com

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Bon Ami/Faultless Starch, 816-842-1230; www.bonami.com

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Bonne Bell, 440-808-2410; www.bonnebell.com

Börlind of Germany, Inc., 1-800-447-7024; www.borlind.com

*Boscia, 1-888-635-8884; www.boscia.net

Botanical Skin Works, 410-675-2006; www.botanicalworks.com

Botanics Skin Care, 1-800-800-6141

Branded J Collections, 818-501-5222; www.brandedjcollections.com

Brisil Fresh Handmade Bath & Body, 1-866-921-1008; http://www.brisil.etsy.com

*Brittanie's Thyme, www.brittaniesthyme.com

Brocato International, 1-800-243-0275; www.brocatoamerica.com

*Bronzo Sensualé, 1-800-991-2226; www.bronzosensuale.com

*Brookside Soap Company, 1-800-243-0275; www.brooksidesoap.com

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Bubble and Bee Organics, 801-560-7899; www.bubbleandbee.com

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Caeran, 1-800-563-2974; www.caeran.com

Calaby Creations, 937-545-8496; www.calabycreations.com

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California Tan, 1-800-SUN-CARE; www.caltan.com

Calvin Klein Cosmetics, www.sephora.com

Camocare, 1-800-CAMOCARE; www.camocare.com

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Carma Laboratories, 414-421-7707; www.carma-labs.com

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Caswell-Massey, 1-800-326-0500; www.caswellmassey.com

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Disney Princesses, 212-779-0544; www.townleygirl.com

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Dr. Goodpet, 1-800-222-9932; www.goodpet.com

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, 1-800-247-9907; www.drhauschka.com

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Fudge, www.fudge.com

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Girly Grub Aromatherapies, 859-801-5081; www.girlygrub.com

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Il-Makiage, 1-800-722-1011

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Internal Health, www.internalhealth.com

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Marie-Véronique Skin Therapy, 510-486-9792; www.m-vskintherapy.com

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MD Skin Care, 1-888-830-7546; www.mdskincare.com

Meadowlake Farm, www.beehiveskintherapies.com

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Me! Bath, 323-931-0934; www.mebath.com

Medusa's Makeup, 773-929-3937; www.medusasmakeup.com

Mehron, 1-800-332-9955; www.mehron.com

Mère Cie, 1-800-832-4544; www.merecie.com

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Mountain Ocean, 303-444-2781; www.mountainocean.com

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My Lip Stuff, 302-945-5922; www.mylipstuff.com

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Narwhale of High Tor, Ltd., 1-800-MD-CREAM; www.mdcream.com

*Natracare, www.natracnarare.com

Naturade, 1-800-367-2880; www.naturade.com

Natural Animal Health Products, 1-800-274-7387; www.naturalanimal.com

*Natural Beauty, 1-877-622-3288; www.mynaturalbeautycare.com

Natural Bodycare, 310-323-2125; www.natural-bodycare.com

Natural Chemistry, 1-800-753-1233; www.naturalchemistry.com

*The Natural Dentist, 1-800-615-6895; www.thenaturaldentist.com

Natural Grace, www.naturalgrace.net

*Naturally Green, www.naturallygreenusa.com

Naturally Maine, www.naturallymaine.net

*Naturally Yours, Alex, 1-800-546-4164

*Natural Research People, 406-575-4343

*Natural Salt Lamps, 1-866-497-0274; www.natural-salt-lamps.com

*Nature Clean (Frank T. Ross), 416-282-1107; www.franktross.com

Nature's Acres, 1-800-499-HERB

Nature's Baby Organics, 1-888-902-2229; www.naturesbabyproducts.com

*Nature's Best (Natural Research People), 406-575-4343

*Nature's Country Pet, 1-800-576-PAWS

Nature's Gate, 1-800-327-2012; www.naturesgatebeauty.com

Nature's Inventory, 1-866-775-2009; www.naturesinventory.com

Nature's Miracle, 1-800-645-5154; www.eightinonepet.com

Nature's Plus, 1-800-645-9500; www.naturesplus.com

Nature's Soap Dish, 615-309-8008; www.naturessoapdish.com

Naturopathica, 1-800-669-7618; www.naturopathica.com

Neal's Yard Remedies, 1-888-697-8721; www.nealsyardremedies.com

*Neo Soma, 1-877-NEO-SOMA; www.neosoma.com

Nettiescrub, 1-888-733-4326; www.nettiescrub.com

*New Age Products, 1-800-736-0612

Neways, 1-800-998-7233; www.neways.com

New Chapter Extracts, 1-800-543-7279; www.new-chapter.com

New Vision, 1-800-MINERALS; www.newvision.com

Nikken, 1-800-669-8859; www.nikken.com

Nioxin Research Laboratories, 1-800-628-9890; www.nioxin.com

*Nirvana, 1-800-824-6396; www.lotusbrands.com

No-Ad Suncare, 1-800-715-3485; www.no-ad.com

No Common Scents, 1-800-686-0012; www.nocommonscents.com

Noli n Nali, 1-866-640-7907; www.nolinnali.com

Nordstrom Cosmetics, 1-800-7-BEAUTY; www.nordstrom.com

*Norelco, 203-973-0200; www.norelco.com

No Rinse Laboratories, 1-800-223-9348; www.norinse.com

North Country Esscentuals, 651-307-3528; www.northcountryesscentuals.com

Norvell Tanning, 1-888-829-2831; www.norvelltanning.com

Nothing Nasty, 845-450-8982; www.nothingnasty.com

*Nubar Cosmetics, 1-800-552-4769; www.bynubar.com

Nubian Heritage, www.nubianheritage.com

eNuCelle Inc., 1-800-877-3141; www.nucelle.com

Nurture My Body, 1-866-440-8137; www.nurturemybody.com

Nu Skin International, 1-800-366-6875; www.nuskin.com

NutriBiotic, 1-800-225-4345; www.nutribiotic.com

*Nutri-Cell, 714-953-8307

Nutri-Metics International, 1-866-678-9986; www.myavalla.com

*NuTru, Inc., 847-251-0513; www.nutru.com

Nuzzle by Beauté Marketing, Inc., 1-866-689-9533; www.shopnuzzle.com

NZP Naturals, 303-506-8979; www.nzpnaturals.com

*Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, 631-815-2426; www.occmakeup.com

Ocean Potion, 1-800-715-3485; www.opotion.com

Odacite, 310-857-6201; www.odacite.com

Ogilvie,1-800-452-6337; www.ascendiabrands.com

Ojon, 1-866-553-6566; www.ojon.com

*Oliva, 610-779-7854

Olivia Care, 310-649-4593; www.oliviacare.com

ONE Group, www.mionegroup.com

100% Pure, 510-814-9030; www.puritycosmetics.com

Onesta Hair Care, 1-877-542-5300; www.onestahaircare.com

ONLY YOURx Skin Care, 1-800-877-4849; www.onlyyourx.com

Opas Soap, 310-993-1801; www.opassoap.com

OPI Products, 1-800-341-9999; www.opi.com

*Orange-Mate, 1-800-626-8685; www.orangemate.com

*Organic Grooming, 952-303-4516; www.Organic-Grooming.com

The Organic Make-up Company, Inc., 905-887-5634; www.organicmakeup.ca

*Organix South, 1-888-989-6336; www.organixsouth.com

Organoderm Skin Care, 1-877-967-4266; www.organoderm.com

Oriflame USA, 704-843-3102

The Original Little Sprout, 805-462-0330; www.originalsprout.com

Origins Natural Resources, 1-800-ORIGINS; www.origins.com

*Orjene Natural Cosmetics, 1-800-886-7536

Orlane, 1-800-535-3628; www.orlaneusa.com

Orly International, 1-800-275-1111; www.orlybeauty.com

*Osea International, 1-800-576-6732; www.oseaskin.com

Otto Basics–Beauty 2 Go!, 1-800-598-OTTO

*Outside/In Cosmetics, 604-847-0413; www.outsideincosmetics.com

*Oxyfresh Worldwide, 1-800-223-7374; www.oxyfreshww.com

*Pallas Athene Soap, 619-548-2378; www.pallasathenesoap.com

Palmers, 201-894-9020; www.etbrowne.com

Pangea Organics, 1-877-679-5854; www.pangeaorganics.com

*Paradise City Herbal, 413-586-9990; www.paradisecityherbal.com

Parissa Laboratories, 1-888-986-9974; www.parissa.com

Parlux Fragrances, 1-800-727-5895; www.parlux.com

Pathmark Stores (house brand products only), 732-499-3000; www.pathmark.com

Patricia Allison Natural Beauty, 1-800-858-8742

Paula's Choice, 1-800-831-4088; www.cosmeticscop.com

Paul Labrecque, 1-888-757-2566; www.paullabrecque.com

*Paul Mazzotta, 610-376-2250; www.ecocare.com

Paul Mitchell, 1-800-321-JPMS; www.paulmitchell.com

Paul Penders, 604-966-9688; www.paulpenders.com

*Perfect Organics, 1-800-653-1078; www.perfectorganics.com

Performance Brands, 1-800-555-8895; www.performancebrands.com

PetGuard, 1-800-874-3221; www.petguard.com

Pet Vitamins, 866-960-PETS; www.petvitamins.com

*Pharmacopia, 1-877-389-9898; www.pharmacopia.net

*Pharmagel International, 1-800-882-4889

*PH Beauty Labs, 310-446-9300; www.freemanbeauty.com

Physicians Formula, 626-334-3395; www.physiciansformula.com

*Pilot Corporation of America, 203-377-8800; www.pilotpen.com

Pink Beauty Cosmetics, 416-605-7465; www.pinkbeautycosmetics.com

Pin-Up Balm USA, 1-877-597-4687; www.pinupbalm.com

*Pittstown Soapworks, 908-730-8631

Plain Jane Skin Care, 770-605-4149; www.plainjaneskincare.com

Planet Botanicals, 1-877-204-2075; www.planetbotanicals.com

*Planet Inc., 1-800-858-8449; www.planetinc.com

Pomegranate Body, 1-877-913-2639; www.pomegranatebody.com

Posh in Clover, 1-877-627-1068; www.poshinclover.com

prawduct, 1-888-898-1100 www.thekitchenbeautician.com

Precious Moments, 212-779-0544; www.townleygirl.com

Prescriptives, 212-572-4400; www.prescriptives.com

Prestige Cosmetics, 1-800-722-7488; www.prestigecosmetics.com

*Preston Cosmetics, www.prestoncosmetics.com

Priia Cosmetics, 888-508-7852; www.priia.com

The Principal Secret, 1-800-545-5595; www.principalsecret.com

Pristine Beauty, 919-637-0236; www.shoppristinebeauty.com

Product Body, 561-747-7977; www.productbody.com

Professional Pet Products, 1-800-CALL-PPP

Promo Lip Balm, 604-639-8828; www.promolipbalm.com

Pro-Tec Pet Health, 1-800-44-FLEAS; www.protec-pet-health.com

Puig USA, 212-980-9620; www.puig.com

*Pulse Products, 1-800-477-8573; www.oneononebodycare.com

Pure Anada Natural Cosmetics, 1-866-569-2714; www.pureanada.ca

Pure & Basic Products, 1-800-432-3787; www.pureandbasic.com

Pure Enchantment, 1-877-772-0779; www.pureenchantment.com

Pure Life Soap Co., 381-578-2060; www.purelifesoap.com

*PureOlogy Serious Colour Care, 1-800-331-1502; www.pureology.com

Pure Strength, 631-756-1701; www.purestrength.net

*Pure Touch, 707-887-7300; www.puretouch.net

Pur Minerals, 1-866-787-0022; www.purminerals.com

Queen Helene, 1-800-645-3752; www.queenhelene.com

Quis Purity Cosmetics, www.qppro.com

Rachel Perry, 1-800-966-8888; www.rachelperry.net

*Radiant Hands, 507-643-5167; www.radiant-body.com

Radius Toothbrush, 800-626-6223; www.radiustoothbrush.com

Rae Cosmetics, 512-320-8732; www.raecosmetics.com

Rainbow Research Corporation, 1-800-722-9595; www.rainbowresearch.com

Rare Natural Care, 310-839-2696; www.rarenatural.com

*Raven Odara, 704-944-3502; www.ravenodara.com

*Recycline, 1-888-354-7296; www.recycline.com

Rejuva Minerals, www.rejuvaminerals.com

Rejuvi Laboratory, Inc., 1-800-588-2279; www.rejuvilab.com

*Relogy Brands, 216-214-7930; www.relogybrands.com

Renée Rouleau Skin Care, 1-888-211-7560; www.reneerouleau.com

Reviva Labs, 1-800-257-7774; www.revivalabs.com

Revlon, 1-800-473-8566; www.revlon.com

*Rhone Botanicals, 617-650-4255; www.rhonebotanicals.com

Rinse Bath & Body, 404-556-8067; www.rinsesoap.com

*Rivers Run, 1-800-560-6753; www.riversrun.net

River Valley Soap Company, 941-504-1289; www.rivervalleysoap.net

Rocca Skincare, 818-748-6144; www.roccaskincare.com

Rock Star Cosmetics, www.myrockstarcosmetics.com

Rodan+Fields, 1-888-995-5656; www.rodanandfields.com

Rosie's Remedies, 1-866-661-8291; www.rosiesremedies.com

Rusk, 1-800-USE-RUSK; www.rusk1.com

*Russell Organics, www.russellorganics.com

Safeway (house brand products only), 1-800-SAFEWAY; www.safeway.com

Samantharoma, www.samantharoma.com

Sanctuary Botanicals, 506-454-4224; www.sanctuarybotanicals.com

Sanford, 1-800-323-0749; www.sanfordcorp.com

Sans Age, 310-275-7567; www.sansageskin.com

*Santa Fe Botanical Fragrances, 505-474-0302

*Santa Fe Soap Company, 1-888-762-7227; www.santafesoap.com

Saphoros Spa Essentials, 1-877-603-4913; www.saphoros.com

*Sappo Hill Soap Works, 1-800-863-7627; www.sappohill.com

*Scandle Body Candle, 1-866-531-9916; www.abodycandle.com

*Scandia Spa, 216-932-4963; www.scandiaspa.com

Scents of Well Being, 1-800-355-8428; www.scentsofwell-being.com

Schiff Products, 1-800-444-5200; www.schiffvitamins.com

Scruples Professional Salon Products, Inc., 1-800-457-0016; www.scrupleshaircare.com

*eSeaChi Organics, 760-320-3122; www.seachi.com

Seaside Naturals, 1-800-870-1697; www.seasidenaturals.com

Sebbag Essentials, www.sebbagessentials.com

Sebona Naturals, 941-429-5893; www.sebonanaturals.com

Secret Gardens, 1-800-537-8766

*Sedona Spa, 1-800-733-7625; www.sedonaworldwide.com

See the Dawn, 860-397-5008; www.seethedawn.biz

Selona Beauty, 914-574-8183; www.selonabeauty.com

*Sensitille Naturals Ltd., 1-888-488-1808; www.sensitille.com

Serf to Surf Products, 604-669-2207; www.serftosurf.com

*SerVaas Laboratories, 1-800-433-5818; www.barkeepersfriend.com

*Seventh Generation, 802-658-3773; www.seventhgen.com

*Sevi Cosmetics, 410-522-5151; www.sevicosmetics.com

Shaklee Corporation, 1-800-SHAKLEE; www.shaklee.com

Shaman Earthly Organics, 1-877-JASON-01; www.shamanbeauty.com

Shangra Lily, 1-877-207-6356; www.shangralily.com

Shankara, 1-888-626-4363; www.shankara.com

Shea-Janeé, 973-477-4220; www.sheajanee.com

Shea Moisture, www.sheamoisture.com

*She Zen Beauty, www.giftsfromearth.com

Shikai Products, Inc., 1-800-448-0298; www.shikai.com

*Simplers Botanical Co., 1-800-652-7646; www.simplers.com

Simple Wisdom, 901-458-4686

Simplicity Clean, 303-440-8082; www.simplicityclean.com

Simply Soap, 1-888-575-SOAP; www.simplysoap.com

Sinclair & Valentine, 1-800-563-2159; www.sinclairandvalentine.com

Siren Beauty, 215-592-1619; www.sirenbeauty.com

*Skin Care for Athletes, 919-285-9364; www.skincareforathletes.com

*Skin Delicious Body So Fine, www.bodysofine.biz

Skin Free, 1-888-450-2459; www.skinfree.net

Skin, Organic Body Care, www.realorganicskin.com

Skinvac, www.skinvac.com

*Skyn Iceland, 1-888-333-SKYN; www.skyniceland.com

Smashbox Cosmetics, 1-888-763-1361; www.smashbox.com

Smell This! Aromatherapy, 604-957-9984; www.smellthis.ca

Smith & Vandiver, 1-800-722-1434; www.smith-vandiver.com

*Soap Goddess, 972-627-0080; www.soapgoddess.com

The Soap Opera, 1-800-251-7627; www.thesoapopera.com

SoCal Cleanse, 1-888-441-4345; www.socalcleanse.com

Sojourner Farms Natural Pet Products, 1-888-867-6567; www.sojos.com

Soleo Organics, 949-218-2665; www.soleousa.com

Solgar Vitamin Co., 1-800-645-2246; www.solgar.com

*Sombra Cosmetics, 1-800-225-3963; www.sorenomoreusa.com

*Sophyto Organics, 1-877-696-7426; www.sophytoorganics.com

SoRik International, 1-888-338-5475; www.sorik.com

Soulstice Spa, 1-888-988-SOUL; www.soulsticespa.com

*Sound Earth, LLC, 1-888-608-9678; www.soundearth.com

South Beach Skincare, 1-888-707-6091; www.lifecellskin.com

Soya System, 314-428-0004; www.soya.com

SpaGlo Beauty, 973-636-0083; www.spaglo.com

*SpaRitual, 1-877-SPA-RITUAL; www.sparitual.com

*Sparkle Products, 877-225-3865; www.glasscleaner.com

Spasome Balm, 780-489-8108; www.spasomebalm.com

Spot Organics, 412-901-5879; www.spotorganics.com

Spring Rain Botanicals, 905-892-2944; www.springrainbotanicals.com

SS+SW Skin Lightening, www.theswisscare.com

Staedtler, Ltd., 011 44 144 3237421

Stanley Home Products, 1-800-628-9032; www.stanleyhome.com

*Steel Skin Care for Men, 1-877-486-9008; www.steelskincare.com

Stila Cosmetics, 323-913-9443; www.stilacosmetics.com

St. John's Botanicals, 301-262-5302

Stolat Organics, 603-659-7946; www.stolatorganics.com

Stuff for Sprouts, 484-341-8632; www.stuff4sprouts.com

Sudz, 1-800-262-KISS; www.kissmyface.com

Sukésha (Chuckles, Inc.), 1-800-221-3496; www.sukesha.com

Suki, 1-888-858-SUKI; www.sukipure.com

Sum-Bo-Shine, 1-800-963-3730; www.sumboshine.com

*Sumeru, 1-800-478-6378

*Sun & Earth, Inc., 1-800-298-7861; www.sunandearth.com

Suncat Natural Mineral Makeup, 503-440-5135; www.suncatnaturalmineralmakeup.com

SunFeather Natural Soap Co., 315-265-3648; www.sunsoap.com

Sunrider International, 310-781-3808; www.sunrider.com

*Sunshine Products Group, 1-800-285-6457

Supreme Beauty Products Co., 1-800-272-6602

Surya Brasil, 718-267-9696; www.suryacosmetics.com

Susan's Soaps & More, 972-452-8965; www.susansoaps.com

Sweet Breath, 1-800-600-2861; www.sweetbreath.com

Sweet Pea Products, 248-736-9649; www.sweetpeaproducts.com

Sweetsation Therapy, 561-248-9933; www.sweetsationtherapy.com

Sylvia & Marcos, 703-635-7878; www.sylviamarcos.com

Synses, 646-286-8314; www.synses.com

*System Bath, 832-767-3493; www.systembath.com

Talika, 786-388-7797; www.talika.com

Tammy Taylor Nails, 1-800-93-TAMMY; www.tammytaylornails.com

Tattoo Goo, www.tattoogoo.com

*Tattoo Inkguard, 1-800-881-7500; www.ink-guard.com

TaUT by Leonard Engelman, 1-800-438-8288; www.tautskincare.com

Ted Baker Fragrance, 212-590-2471; www.shave.com

*Terra Dolce, www.terradolcesoap.com

Terra Naturals, 1-888-298-3772; www.terranaturals.com

Terra-No, 918-827-7705; www.terra-no.com

TerraNova, 1-800-966-3457; www.terranovabody.com

Terressentials, 301-371-7333; www.terressentials.com

Therepe Organics, 1-877-590-6434; www.therepeorganics.com

Thursday Plantation, 1-800-645-9500

Tiko Soy, 702-767-9753; www.tikosoy.com

TilVee, 1-800-479-0758; www.tilvee.com

*Tish & Snooky's Manic Panic NYC, 1-800-95-MANIC; www.manicpanic.com

*Théra Wise, 1-888-488-1808; www.therawise.com

TNT Health and Hygiene, 708-935-4201; www.tntforme.com

Tommy Hilfiger, 917-237-0983; www.tommy.com

Tom's of Maine, 1-800-367-8667; www.tomsofmaine.com

Too Faced Cosmetics, 949-553-4431; www.toofaced.com

*Total Shaving Solution, 1-800-540-8865; www.totalshavingsolution.net

Touch of Nature, www.touchofnaturebathandbody.com

Tova Corporation, 1-800-852-9999; www.beautybytova.com

Trader Joe's Company, 1-800-SHOP-TJS; www.traderjoes.com

Treat, Inc., 503-286-9276; www.treatbeauty.com

Tressa, 1-800-879-8737; www.tressa.com

TRI Hair Care Products, 1-866-644-7373; www.trihaircare.com

Trillium Herbal Company, 920-746-5207; www.trilliumorganics.com

Tropaz, 909-595-8898; www.tropezbeauty.com

Trumelange, 1-888-606-0055; www.trumelange.com

Tsi~La, 215-750-9996; www.tsilaorganics.com

Tussy, 1-800-452-6337; www.ascendiabrands.com

2 Beauty Ex, www.2beautyex.com

Tyra Skin Care, 1-800-322-TYRA; www.tyraskincare.com

uKarma, 310-998-8909; www.ukarma.com

*The Ultimate Life, 1-800-843-6325; www.ultimatelife.com

Uncle Funky's Daughter, 713-528-0888; www.unclefunkysdaughter.com

Unicure, Inc., 1-888-UNICURE; www.unicure.com

Un-petroleum, 1-800-227-5120; www.unpetroleum.com

Upper Canada Soap & Candle Makers, 905-897-1710; www.uppercanadasoap.com

Urban Apothecary, 847-899-8998; www.urbanapothecary.com

Urban Decay, 1-800-784-URBAN; www.urbandecay.com

UV Natural, www.uvnatural.com

Valana Minerals, 1-877-727-5533; www.valanaminerals.com

Velvet & Sweet Pea's Purrfumery, 510-528-8040; www.purrfumery.com

Vermont Soapworks, 802-388-4302; www.vermontsoap.com

Veterinarian's Best, 1-800-866-PETS; www.vetsbest.com

Vibrant Naturals, 512-216-2587; www.vibrantnaturals.com

Victoria's Secret, 1-800-411-5116; www.victoriassecret.com

Villainess, 931-209-3261; www.villainess.net

Virginia Soap, Ltd., 1-800-563-6127

Vital Earth Traditions, www.vitalearthtraditions.com

*Von Natur, 503-722-8828; www.vonnatur.com

*V-Pure, www.v-pure.com

V'TAE Parfum & Body Care, 1-800-643-3011; www.vtae.com

Vysada, 647-340-7631; www.vysada.com

*Wachters' Organic Sea Products, 1-800-682-7100; www.wachters.com

Waliwa Amazonian Natural Products, 571-540-5707; www.waliwa.com

Warm Earth Cosmetics, 530-895-0455; www.warmearthcosmetics.com

Watkins Incorporated, 1-800-243-9423; www.watkinsonline.com

Weleda, Inc., 1-800-241-1030; www.weleda.com

*Well-in-Hand, 1-888-550-7774; www.wellinhand.com

Welstar Organics, 1-800-893-6008; www.welstarorganics.com

wet n wild, 909-595-8898; www.wnwbeauty.com

*Whip-It Products, 1-800-582-0398

Whirl Beauty, 303-564-3458; www.whirlbeauty.com

White Acres Farm, Inc., 1-800-449-7071; www.whiteacresfarm.com

*White Dragon Essentials, 248-860-5445; www.whitedragonessentials.com

White Fawn Herbal Soap, 716-636-1154; www.whitefawnherbalsoap.com

White Rain, 1-800-575-7960; www.whiterain.com

Whole Foods Market (365 house brand), 512-477-4455; www.wholefoodsmarket.com

*Wildflower Organic Bodycare, 615-496-7109; www.wildflowerorganicbodycare.com

Wild Natural Beauty, 512-417-0096; www.wildnaturalbeauty.com

Wind River Herbs, 1-800-903-4372; www.windriverherbs.com

WiseWays Herbals, 1-888-540-1600; www.wiseways.com

WomanKind, 608-648-2316; www.mwt.net/~womankind/

The Works, 1-800-448-5281; www.theworkscleans.com

W.S. Badger, 1-800-603-6100; www.badgerbalm.com

Wysong, 1-800-748-0188; www.wysong.net

XCD, 212-590-2471; www.xcdskin.com

*Yarok Hair, 212-876-4293; www.yarokhair.com

Yes to Carrots, 1-888-929-3786; www.yestocarrots.com

ZENMED, 1-877-647-4242; www.zenmed.com

Zensation Beauty, www.zensationbeaute.com

Zia Natural Skincare, 1-800-334-7546; www.zianatural.com

Zoo On Yoo, 630-904-3585; www.zooonyoo.com

Zosimos Botanicals, 301-775-2914; www.zosimosbotanicals.com

Zuii Organic, 1-300-984-491; www.zuiiorganic.com

*Zuzu Cosmetics, 1-800-497-6419; www.gabrielcosmeticsinc.com


Catalogs/Online Stores That Offer Cruelty-Free Products 

The following catalog companies and stores offer products that are not tested on animals.

Bath-and-Body.com, 1-866-667-BATH; www.bath-and-body.com

*eCari Amici, 414-769-1380; www.cariamici.net

Compassion Matters, 1-800-422-6330; www.compassionmatters.com

*Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe, 1-800-260-9968; www.cosmosveganshoppe.com

*A Different Daisy, 740-935-3146; www.differentdaisy.com

Earth Spirit Natural Home, 250-701-9170; www.earthspiritcatalogue.com

Ethical Planet, 847-866-2088; www.ethicalplanet.com

*eFaunaFree.com, 310-664-6766; www.faunafree.com

Green Earth Office Supply, 1-800-327-8449; www.greenearthofficesupply.com

A Happy Planet, 1-888-946-4277; www.ahappyplanet.com

Heritage Store, 1-800-862-2923; www.heritagestore.com

InterNatural, 1-800-643-4221; www.internatural-alternative-health.com

*KidBean.com, 828-299-3608; www.kidbean.com

Nature's Worx, 724-275-7322; www.naturesworx.com

*One Stop Vegan Shop, 815-978-1954; www.onestopveganshop.com

*Organic Health and Beauty, 1-866-787-3642; www.organichealthandbeauty.com

Organic Trader Canada, 250-701-9180; www.organicformulations.ca

*ePangea Vegan Products, 1-800-340-1200; www.veganstore.com

*PETA, 757-622-7382; www.peta.org, www.petamall.com

Physicians Laboratories (Revival Soy), 1-800-500-2055; www.revivalhealth.com

Sunrise Lane, 212-242-7014; www.sunriselaneproducts.com

*VeganCats.com, www.vegancats.com

*Vegan Essentials, 414-527-9684; www.veganessentials.com

eWhite Rabbit Beauty, 1-888-312-3266; www.whiterabbitbeauty.com

Wow-Bow Distributors, 1-800-326-0230; www.wow-bow.com


Companion-Animal Food Manufacturers

What's wrong with pet food?

Caring consumers might never guess that thousands of dogs, cats and other sensitive animals are confined in laboratories for years on end and subjected to cruel experiments in order to test dog and cat food.

To expose this tragedy, PETA conducted a nine-month undercover investigation of a laboratory that performed cruel animal tests for Iams and other major companion-animal food companies. What our investigator uncovered, including the following, would outrage anyone with a heart:

  • Lonely dogs driven mad from confinement to barren steel and cement cells

  • Dogs dumped on cold concrete flooring after having chunks of muscle cut out of their thighs

  • Experimenters who severed dogs' vocal cords in order to keep them quiet

  • Sick dogs who were languishing in their cages without veterinary care

These animals suffered so that Iams and other companion-animal food companies could slap "new and improved" labels on their products. The following companies make top-quality food for dogs and cats—without harming animals in laboratories. Please help us drive animal abusers out of business by buying only from these companies. Companies not on this list either responded that they do conduct laboratory experiments on animals or they failed to respond to our numerous inquiries and are assumed to conduct laboratory experiments on animals.

For more information about how dog and cat food is contaminated with cruelty and to find the most up-to-date list of companies that don't test on animals, check out www.IamsCruelty.com.


The following companies make top-quality food for dogs and cats—without harming animals in laboratories.

Amoré Pet Services, Inc., 1-866-572-6673; www.amorepetfoods.com

Animal Food Services, 1-800-743-0322; www.animalfood.com

Artemis Pet Food, 1-800-282-5876; www.artemiscompany.com

Azmira Holistic Animal Care, 1-800-497-5665; www.azmira.com

Bone Vivant, www.bonevivantstore.com

Boston Baked Bonz (entirely vegan), 781-752-4040; www.bostonbakedbonz.com

Bravo Raw Diet, 1-866-922-9222; www.bravorawdiet.comn

Burns Pet Nutrition, 1-877-983-9651; www.burns-pet-nutrition.co.uk

CaniSource, 1-888-347-3523; www.canisource.com

CountryPet Pet Food, 1-800-454-7387; www.countrypet.com

Dr. Harvey's, 1-866-362-4123; www.drharveys.com

Dynamite Marketing, Inc., 208-887-9410; www.dynamitemarketing.com

Eagle Pack, 1-800-255-5959; www.eaglepack.com

Evanger's Dog and Cat Food Co., Inc., 1-800-288-6796; www.evangersdogfood.com

Evolution Diet, Inc. (entirely vegan), 1-800-659-0104; www.petfoodshop.com

Feline's Pride, www.felinespride.com

Fromm Family Foods, 1-800-325-6331; www.frommfamily.com

Great Life Performance Pet Products, 1-800-470-2001; www.greatlife4pets.com

GreenTripe.com, 831-726-3255; www.greentripe.com

Halo, Purely for Pets, 1-800-426-4256; www.halopets.com

Happy Dog Food, 1-800-359-9576; www.happydogfood.com

Harbingers of a New Age (entirely vegan), 406-295-4944; www.vegepet.com

Holistic Blend, 1-800-954-1117; www.holisticblend.com

The Honest Kitchen, 1-866-437-9729; www.thehonestkitchen.com

Know Better Dog Food, 1-866-922-6463; www.knowbetterdogfood.com

KosherPets, Inc., 954-938-6270; www.kosherpets.com

Kumpi Pet Foods, 303-699-8562; www.kumpi.com

Mark & Chappell, 1-866-547-3368; www.markandchappell.com

Max & Ruffy's, 703-465-4481; www.maxandruffys.com

Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. (vegan options), 1-800-829-4493; www.naturalbalanceinc.com

Natural Life Pet Products, Inc. (vegan options), 1-800-367-2391; www.nlpp.com

Nature's Variety, 1-888-519-7387; www.naturesvariety.com

Newman's Own Organics, www.newmansownorganics.com

Nutri-Vet, 1-877-729-8668; www.nutri-vet.com

Oma's Pride, 1-800-678-6627; www.omaspride.com

Onesta Organics (entirely vegan), 619-295-1136; www.onestaorganics.com

Pet Chef Express, 604-916-2433; www.petchefexpress.ca

PetGuard (vegan options), 1-800-874-3221, 904-264-8500; www.petguard.com

Pied Piper Pet & Wildlife, 1-800-338-4610; www.piedpiperpet.com

PoshNosh Inc., 613-302-3156; www.poshnosh.ca

Raw Advantage, Inc., 360-387-5158; www.rawadvantagepetfood.com

Sauder Feeds, Inc., 260-627-2196; www.sauderfeeds.com

Solid Gold, 1-800-364-4863; www.solidgoldhealth.com

Sojourner Farms, 1-888-867-6567; www.sojos.com

Timberwolf Organics, Inc., 863-439-0049; www.timberwolforganics.com

V-dogfood, LLC (entirely vegan), 1-888-280-8364; www.v-dogfood.com

Veterinary Nutritional Formula, 1-800-811-0530; www.vnfpetfood.com

Want A Cookie?, 250-665-7387; www.wantacookie.ca

Wow-Bow Distributors Ltd. (vegan options), 516-254-6064; www.wow-bow.com

Wysong Professional Diets (vegan options), 1-800-748-0188; www.wysong.net

Source: PETA.org

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