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He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.  

Author Unknown


~ Noah's Lost Ark ~

Come encounter an exotic experience!

We desperately need help to continue our work at the sanctuary. Day to day feed bills, veterinary care, and pen construction are number one priorities at this time.

Noah's Lost Ark is a non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) Exotic Animal Sanctuary, located in Berlin Center, Ohio, We are supported by  donations, members, sponsors, fund raising events, animal Sponsorship Programs and admission fees.

Noah's Lost Ark is dependent on admission fees and donations in order to survive. Your admission helps us help those who cannot speak for themselves.

Our facility is dedicated to providing a permanent safe haven for unwanted and abused exotic animals. We are a NO-KILL facility that allows these magnificent animals the opportunity to live out the rest of their lives in a safe and caring environment. We provide a second chance to many of these animals, as they are innocent victims born into a captive world. They do not deserve to suffer or die because they get "too large" or "too expensive" to care for.

Noah's Lost Ark receives NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING and relies solely on donations and admission fees in order to feed and care for the animals. HUGE resources are required to operate the sanctuary, electric and heating bills are enormous, yet we need to keep the animals warm. The animals vast and sometimes complicated diets: fruits, vegetables, meats, hay, straw, sweet feed, dog and cat foods cannot be compromised. Every day there is a new animal in need, veterinary bills, feed bills.........

Noah's Lost Ark can only offer rescue and sanctuary through the support and generosity of friends like you. Please remember us for any of the items you can help with: Fencing, produce, meat, hay, or even a cash donation. ALL items are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. You can even leave a legacy to the animals and be remembered for your kindness in helping us help God's creatures. Noah's Lost Ark is the ONLY FEDERALLY and STATE LICENSED facility open to the public in this area.

Your continued support allows us to feed, house, provide veterinary care, toys, etc. Please remember us, without public support, we cannot continue. We cannot grow without your support. Please help. God Bless.


The arrival of new Tigers

Volunteers helping to unload Nakita.

Click on image above to see a larger version

Through tours of our facility offered to school children, groups and the general public, thousands of people are educated each year about the plight of exotic animals, along with the broader issues of animal endangerment and extinction. We offer people the chance to see and interact with some of the most amazing animals that inhabit the earth with us. Innocent exotic animals born into captivity are being killed each year because people abandon them, and they have no where else to go.

New Primate Area

PLEASE NOTE: SANCTUARIES offer permanent homes to abused, displaced and unwanted animals. They DO NOT breed to sell, or trade their animals. Using the animals as breeding machines and selling the babies to just anyone contributes to the problem we are striving to solve. When considering placing an animal in a sanctuary, make sure you know for certain the animal will be offered a safe, permanent home, and will not be bred or traded. Many sanctuaries are non-profit organizations or 501 (c) (3) as classified with the I.R.S. This can be checked out over the internet. Visit the sanctuary, talk with the people, look at the condition of their animals. Many animals shown love, care and attention will offer in return or perhaps a true glimpse into their nature.

Our Mission Statement

"Noah's Lost Ark is committed to educating people everywhere of the escalating epidemic of neglected, abused and unwanted exotic animals.  By model of bestowing safe havens for mistreated exotic animals, along with educational programs, Noah's Lost Ark is instilling compassion, respect and responsibility towards the preservation and conservation of all animals, ultimately safeguarding the natural environment for future generations."   

We are supported entirely by donations and admission fees. Any donation, no matter the size, is truly appreciated and goes directly into caring for the animals.

Food / Supplies Used at Noah's Daily

Item  Daily Yearly 
Meat 550+ LBS 200,750+ LBS
Hay 1000 LBS 365,000 LBS
Fruits & Vegetables 150 LBS 54,750 LBS
Grain 275 LBS 100,375 LBS
Straw for Bedding 1400 LBS 511,000 LBS


Click here to find out how YOU can help

Please HELP us to save these innocent, magnificent animals 

Please Note: Some of the animals at the sanctuary belonged to the founders before becoming a non-profit sanctuary.

"Where the Forgotten are Remembered"

Noah's Lost Ark Believes...

... in educating the public about the plight of exotic and endangered animals in our society. That's why we are one of the few sanctuaries federally and state licensed that offers educational guided tours. If we do not take the time to educate people they will just go on without knowing they CAN make a difference. We at Noah's Lost Ark know we will make a difference.


Make a Special Donation Online Now

You can make a special donation to help Noah's Lost Ark in any of the following areas:

Animal Shelters  Wolf Pens Veterinary Costs Feed Costs
Big Cat Pens Bear Habitats Meat Costs Grounds Maintenance
Enrichment Toys Animal Transportation Special Programs Printing / Advertising
Utility Bills Fencing Tools & Equipment Greatest Need

List any of the above categories for your donation on our "Special Instructions" section on our donation page, or tell us how you want your donation used in the same area.

If you would like to make a much-needed donation to Noah's Lost Ark , you can do so with our online account by clicking the DONATE button below:

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